Wonderful winter night on Water St.

I absolutely love Friday nights at the studio! Honestly, I am at complete peace whenever I am in my creative space, but there is something about the element of surprise – not knowing for sure who will walk through the door – that adds a bit of excitement to the evening. Last night did not disappoint me.

As the evening began I was pretty certain I would end up painting alone, rather than the usual assisting of others, due to the forecast of falling snow throughout the evening. A couple of groups had to cancel already. I would prefer my artist friends postpone their visit and stay home rather than risk the icy back roads, as some travel quite a distance to attend our Friday Happy Art sessions. They will be back soon, I know, so it gives me something to look forward to.

Imagine my surprise when my new friend Kaci came in with her mom Mari, along with Aunt Chris, and Nana Eileen, who are visiting from Montana. What a lovely early Christmas gift! They included Happy Art at The Hive in their girls’ night out.

The studio came to life again as the band Cousin Eddie started playing  upstairs at Live at the Five Spot and the ladies started painting. By the end of the evening I had three new friends and am already looking forward to their return visit. Eileen and I have plans to do some encaustic painting when she comes back this spring.

I have been doing a lot of grumbling about winter weather lately, but after our wonderful winter night on Water Street, I welcome it. Next Saturday is the winter solstice.  Looking forward to my “Welcome Winter” painting class!