Take a pause to look at the cause

Happy Tuesday! After reaching a breaking point with depressing posts on Facebook, I have decided to take a break from it for a while.  I could not stomach one more ignorant post. I took the advice of a friend who is a young mother and watched the Netflix documentary Social Dilemma.  I highly recommend it to anyone who spends time on any social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc. It is a must-watch for parents and grandparents, but is important to see for anyone who feels they spend more time than they should on social media.  I was becoming increasingly depressed, and realized I had become addicted to Facebook, which is the nature of the beast.  I decided to take a break and return to my simpler life.  Since the Covid pandemic is in a post-holiday upsurge, now seems like a good time to retreat from the online negativity and focus on more positive things.

In doing so, I will have more time for:

  1. Writing my poems – My poetry is influenced greatly by my mood. I have  been wasting time and creative energy that could be better spent. One of my favorite quotes: “Every 60 you spend on anything is a minute of your life you’ve given away. Pretty simple, yet profound. I’m not sure who originally said this or I’d give them credit.
  2. Creating art – I would like to hone my skills in a variety of mediums as I continue along my creative journey.
  3. Having (masked) face-to-face conversations (as opposed to using Facebook to communicate) – I still feel it is imperative that we are careful during the recent virus uptick, but will happily converse face-to-face outdoors at a safe distance.
  4.  Writing good old-fashioned letters – This has been on my New Year’s resolution list for several years in a row. There is no time like the present to brighten someone’s day with a letter in the mail.
  5. Doing my Swedish death cleaning – I don’t want our kids to hate us for getting stuck with having to deal with all of the stuff we have accumulated over the past 38 1/2 years when we kick the bucket. Time to sort, pitch, and donate.

Please watch Social Dilemma. Take a pause to look at the cause of what is happening in our world. And here is one last thought for today:

“If you look around the side, group, or cause that you support and there are any Confederate or Nazi flags/symbols…you are on the wrong side of history.” You should know this. Turn around. Also, silence is complicity.

With that being said. I am off to my tasks of the day. I hope the sun shines on you and we get some happy news today. Peace.