Start with one

Too many ideas, too many goals, and not enough time…I am sure many of you can relate.  We have all these wonderful ideas that pop into, then back out of our heads.  We know the ideas are good ones, but in a flash of a millisecond they are gone.

Here and now, today, October 28th, 2016, on my public blog that anyone anywhere on the planet can read, I am putting this in writing. I am committing. Publicly razz me if I don’t follow through.

Simply put, I am going to set one goal for myself each week. It has to be one that I can easily accomplish in the time frame I give myself. My key to success is that I will state ONE intention that I can fulfill within the period. Only one. Easily accomplished. Reasonable time frame.  No more lofty goals that set myself up for failure.  These will be so easily accomplished that you will find it laughable.

The first goal I am setting is this: Set one goal each week.

I know it seems a bit ridiculous.  I just set a goal about goals. It was necessary for me to set that one. My original plan was to set one goal a day.  That was lofty for me.  I immediately starting fretting about the time commitment about writing daily. One goal a week is definitely doable. I know even weekly might be a stretch, but I know I can do it.  No pressure to write daily.

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