Post-storm musings of a tired wife

Seeing lightning, hearing thunder and pretty intense rain,

I knew in the morning my bones would feel pain.

Flash flood warnings and winds very strong

Made for fitful sleep all night long.

At daybreak when coffee was brewing I heard you, dear lover

Curse at the sight out the window and it made me want to pull up the cover.

After dragging my tired aching bones out of bed

I decided to venture outside instead.

I started in the backyard perusing the damage

And began the picking up process to see what I could salvage.

The second pot of flowers claimed by strong winds this year

Made me rethink next season’s garden plan, dear.

Grabbing the big wheelbarrow I started with the sticks

Then moved on to large limbs, to top off the mix.

The silver lining here, if there is one to be found

Is that all of the rain softened the ground.

So peeling back sod for that new shade garden

Was made much softer than when it was like concrete hardened.

So I dug and peeled back sod for a bit

’til I was getting light-headed and finally called it quits.

So being the ever unselfish wife you long ago married

And also being fatigued from bending and being a little bit harried…

Not wanting to deny you all of the fun

With the blower and mower I’ll let you finish up, hon.

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