The art of being easily entertained

This morning while I was mulling over art projects to start my husband asked me if I would put the load of washed clothes in the dryer when I went downstairs.  No problem. Then I saw the real reason he asked me to switch loads when I went to the basement – a dryer full of whites. My art project would have to wait.

Have you ever counted the items in a load of whites. Well, I had not until today. Took me 56 years to realize why everyone dreads folding white loads…they take forever! Any guesses as to how many  pieces were in that load? Count a full load of whites ( when you aren’t washing big things like sheets). If you have tiny humans living with you, you may want to wait a few years before doing this, like maybe eighteen or so.

The odd thing about doing laundry, at least for me, is that sometimes, even though I initially grumble, I end up getting totally in the zone when I am doing it. It becomes a Zen-like activity with a certain rhythm to it. I make my neat little stacks – have my certain way of folding particular pieces. Yes, I realize this sounds really weird, but there really are times that I actually end up enjoying the process. Not so crazy about the carrying-to-different-rooms-and-putting-away part of it, but the sorting and folding can can be relaxing.

Another way to look at a dreaded task – think of it from the gratefulness angle. With laundry, be grateful that you have those items to fold, that you have a washer and a dryer. That you don’t have to do it in a polluted stream, then drape them on a tree or fence to dry. Be happy that you have two arms, two hands at the ends of those arms. Not everyone is so fortunate.

I believe this mindset could apply to many tasks that otherwise seem like drudgery. Put a new spin on them. Make a game of it. Although cleaning toilets or scrubbing floors…hmmm. If you come up with a new spin for those, please let me know.

Guess I will go see if that other load still needs to be folded. Maybe I will try to do one of those cool little folded flower tricks you see with washcloths in hotel rooms or napkins in restaurants. Then, when I am finished I will reward myself with getting to start one of the projects I was thinking about this morning.

Ah, the art of being easily entertained…