Take a pause to look at the cause

Happy Tuesday! After reaching a breaking point with depressing posts on Facebook, I have decided to take a break from it for a while.  I could not stomach one more ignorant post. I took the advice of a friend who is a young mother and watched the Netflix documentary Social Dilemma.  I highly recommend it… Continue reading Take a pause to look at the cause

To the mothers of

Every year on this weekend in May we celebrate Mothers Day – a glorious day that I look forward to each year. The definition of Mothers Day according to wikipedia (which I value and use more then any other reference): a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and… Continue reading To the mothers of

The art of being easily entertained

This morning while I was mulling over art projects to start my husband asked me if I would put the load of washed clothes in the dryer when I went downstairs.  No problem. Then I saw the real reason he asked me to switch loads when I went to the basement – a dryer full… Continue reading The art of being easily entertained

Wonderful winter night on Water St.

I absolutely love Friday nights at the studio! Honestly, I am at complete peace whenever I am in my creative space, but there is something about the element of surprise – not knowing for sure who will walk through the door – that adds a bit of excitement to the evening. Last night did not… Continue reading Wonderful winter night on Water St.

Old Man River

Old Man River, at least the Illinois River, has delivered one long wet kiss to the Peoria riverfront the past month. It has been an extremely wet summer for the state of Illinois. Our friends in California would probably be glad to trade places. Having lived through flood clean-up at our home in the past… Continue reading Old Man River