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Jody Tockes – Painting, photography, and poetry are Jody’s favorite means of expression. Healthy living, gardening, and  environmental stewardship are her passions. Looking back over her years as a teacher is like viewing a colorful collage of experiences both in the classroom and in nature. She enjoys adding new colors, textures, and layers to her life collage whether she is in a classroom, at home, or in her studio, the Hive. She considers herself a life-long learner and loves experimenting with new artistic techniques and mediums, as well as honing her existing skills. She offers a variety of art and crafts classes, as well as other creative learning opportunities. Jody enjoys sharing simple ways to nurture others’ inner artists and lead lifestyles that ensure our health and that of our planet. 

Rick Tockes – Rick gets to do all the really fun activities such as the books, accounting, taxes, and most things associated with the business end of the Hive.  Besides helping Jody he is looking forward to retiring from his job at Midwest Foundation Corporation. They have spent most of their adult lives in the Peoria area and enjoy meeting new people through The Hive. They have three grown children and six grandchildren.

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