A lot has happened since my last post.  We had another great Friday Happy Art – all ladies this time.  I really enjoy meeting new people and seeing their creativity shine through in their artwork.  Jae, a friend of our daughter Trish, came and brought a friend of hers – Kim.  All three girls had a great time painting and Rick and I got a bonus of getting to spend a little time with our soon-to-be one year old grand-daughter Austy.

Saturday I had my first kids’ class which was a private lesson this week with Matthew Stevens. I was amazed at this young man’s knowledge of our solar system. Not only is he quite bright, but he has beautiful manuscript and manners to match.  We had a wonderful discussion on Pluto and it’s non-planet status. Look forward to seeing Matthew again next week!


Saturday evening our wonderfully talented Ellie led the “Proud as a Peacock” class which ended up being a mother-daughter class with three pairs of moms and their girls.  It is really a fun mixed media class with both watercolor and acrylic painting.  Each piece of work turned out beautifully. Once again, so nice to meet new people and celebrate the special relationship of moms and their girls.  And celebrate we did with bubbling grape juice and snacks that started with “P”  – peanuts, pretzels, peanut butter cups…


Sunday my sweet sister-in-law Lori set up for a Monday shower to help feather the nest for Baby Girl Naylor.  What a lovely pink party awaited mom-to-be Patty Monday after noon! Check out the photos on Facebook.  The studio was the perfect size for a shower. I can’t wait for our own upcoming pink party for our almost one year old Austy!


Monday brought more decorations, and great refreshments and guests. I can’t wait to see all of Lori’s photos! Patty makes pregnancy quite pretty! Nothing like a spring baby shower to brighten everyone’s mood!


Went to the studio today in case anyone decided to drop-in to the kids’ class, but none yet.  I did get the bonus of a visit from my friend Mary Hutson, who helps with activities at Maple Lawn where my mother lives.  What a sweet lady! As she left she told me she’d give Mom a hug for me tomorrow.  People like Mary make the world a better place.


Tomorrow brings “Flower Power”, an acrylic painting class led by Ellie. Looking forward to seeing my friends Sharlis and Cathy, and meeting students’ Marissa and Maddies’s moms and anyone else who comes. It will be another wonderful Wednesday. Already looking forward to seeing their beautiful artwork.


I used to go to bed at 8:00.  Now I rarely make it to bed before 10:00 and weekends is even later. This old girl is getting her mojo back.  Love it! Nothing like art and awesome people to energize and inspire you! 🙂


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