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Jody Tockes Painting, photography, and writing are my favorite means of expression. Healthy living, gardening, and  environmental stewardship are my passions. Looking back over my years as a public school teacher is like viewing a colorful collage of experiences both in the classroom and in nature. I enjoy adding new colors, textures, and layers to my collage whether I am in a classroom, at home or in my studio, the Hive. I consider myself a life-long learner and love experimenting with new artistic techniques as well as honing my existing skills. In offering a variety of art and crafts classes, as well as other creative learning opportunities, I am able to share simple ways to nurture our inner artists and lead lifestyles that ensure our health and that of our planet.


Ellie Herget  I am the current 3D Art Teach at East Peoria Community High School. I enjoy educating students on the importance of art and the creativity and passion that accompanies it. I am happiest when creating art and enjoying the beauty of nature. It is through these simple joys that I found myself pursuing a career in the art education field. My specialties include painting and ceramics but I enjoy working with and educating students on every medium.


Ricky Tockes  Everyone is creative in one way or another. Art and design just happens to be my way of expressing that creativeness. There is no real theme or reason for why and what I decide to design or make. When I get inspired it is usually by a single image, object, conversation, or particular moment on an average day … and then I just start something. That “something” is typically some form of art, furniture, or architectural / industrial design. I have this constant urge to work with new materials, tools, mediums, etc. Continually honing one’s range of abilities is only going to benefit that individual, and I believe that with practice anyone can learn to express their own creativeness.


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